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Story Tellers Conference in Chicago

WorshipKitchen will see you at this event with @benarment. More details here

Story Tellers Chicago

Story Tellers Chicago


Worship Song – Mercy written by Eric Vinson

Worship – Mercy


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Worship Music – Made To Worship

Worship – Made to Worship

Eric Vinson plays Made to Worship. We will be posting ‘how to use worshipkitchen’ videos very soon.

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New Worship Music – Turn the Heat Up!

Friends, we have made a great addition to the content of WorshipKitchen. You can now access great music from Joel Auge, Hillsong, NewLife, Gateway, and many many more. Not to mention, the brand new album by Lincoln Brewster is there featuring the hit new song “Today Is The Day”.



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Worship presentations of songs

Steve Fee – We Shine

What is your church doing for great video and lyric presentation content? Some people I talk too feel that if things are too busy, then they are distracted, and some people I talk to will not make it through another service if they have to see lyrics floating over a mountain range again. Mix it up! Try different stuff in each service, but keep the themes together for a full service. For instance, if you followed this great Steve Fee song with another song showing lyrics of a bubbling stream…. that would be a bit crazy. How often do you try new themes? How ofter do you change the background of a song you always sing? The song may be a staple, but the presentation does not have to be.
Enjoy this and worship well!


Hosanna! Worship Music’s Defining Moment

Jennifer Chung sings Hosanna

Jennifer Chung is a great indie artist out of Cali and its good to hear this song done by her. Hosanna! Enjoy! What does the word Hosanna mean anyhow? We sing it, we sing it with meaning, but do we ever convey to the church what it means??? When you worship with ‘churchy words’ how do we explain those words easily to visitors or to the unsaved who may have come for a visit (now there’s a thought)?
Here is a quick definition. Doing an indepth study of the word itself is not the point here, but more I want to question the methodology used to convey the meaning of what we are singing to the congregation .
Columbia Encyclopedia: Hosanna
(hōzăn’ə) [Heb.,=save now; Psalm 118], an intensified imperative, a cry, addressed to God, particularly used in the Feast of Tabernacles, when prayers for rain were offered. In the New Testament the crowd shouted it when Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. It is used as an acclamation in Christian worship, e.g., in the Sanctus.

What are some good tactics you use to talk to the congregation about the meaning of a word like Hosanna before they are sung? What other words and phrases do we sing that need some detail for the un-churhed person walking in the door? What benefits are there in teaching the meaning of key words in worship songs? Does the knowledge give greater passion to the true worshipper and can you hear that in the vocal response?

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