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Song Stories: Kari Jobe

With a deep passion for God, Kari is a voice of worship to the nations. These are some of the stories behind the songs on Kari Jobe.

Kari Jobe is an international worship leader and songwriter out of Dallas, Texas. An Alumnus of Dallas Baptist University, Christ For the Nations Institute, and Oral Roberts University, Kari has been leading worship for over 13 years. She is an associate worship pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. Kari also travels internationally leading worship for thousands, bringing about the new sound of heaven to the masses. Through a deep passion for God and a sincere heart for worship, Kari is a voice of worship to the nations. She has written songs such as No Sweeter Name and Pure, and has been the original voice behind Revelation Song. Her heart for worship and ministering to people comes through with her clear, angelic sounding vocals.

Her debut self-titled worship project releases February 10th, 2009. These are some of the stories behind the songs on Kari Jobe.

“Beautiful” was a very special song to write. It was written during a writing session with Mia Fieldes, Paul Baloche and myself. As we overlooked a lake and the sun was setting, we began to worship together while seeking God and asking Him to be creative through us in songs. From the very first word to the final map, we all contributed lyrics, melodies and dynamics of how each section should sound. It was one of the sweetest experiences I’ve ever had. I still get chills thinking about how beautiful the moment was and how the song sounded the first time.

“What better word to describe the attributes and goodness of God than to say, ‘I’m lost for more to say. You’re beautiful to me.’ It’s a song of real brokenness and passion to the Lord. To me, it’s a love song to God about laying down who we are, and focusing on His beauty (Psalm 27:4). I think we should be speechless when we really take in all that God has done to show us His love. We have to express to God that He’s beautiful. He is holy, and there is no one like Him.” —Kari

“You Are For Me”
“’You Are For Me’ is the most special song I’ve ever written. It is truly a story of God’s love in my life. I was walking through a very hard time in my personal life and all I could say over myself to get me through it was ‘God, I know you are for me.’ It was the only thing
getting me through. Then one particular day I felt such a tugging from the Lord to spend time with Him. So I drove out to my favorite get-away place where I write and just spent the day playing the piano, reading my bible, and crying mostly. As I played a melody on the piano and was reflecting on the Word, the Lord’s presence came so strongly in the little white chapel and filled my heart. I was weeping over the piano keys and then just began to sing the melody of ‘You Are For Me.’ What a moment! It was a moving moment between me and the Lord. He IS for us. He loves us and will sing life and hope over our hearts if we ask Him to. He’s so faithful. I hope this song draws you to a deeper place of His love and hope like it has me.” —Kari

“I’m Singing”
“Ed [Cash] first played the song for me during our first meeting together in February 08.  I was sharing with him my desire to have a song that gave an idea of worship and praise bringing nations and people together. When we think of people all over the world
worshiping God at the same time, it’s a powerful thought. He then played the chorus for me and I got extremely excited. I loved it.

“We then sat down with Tomlin to finish the whole song. Tomlin got the melody idea for the verses and we all helped with lyrics! After playing through it a few times I got the bridge idea. The entirety of the song came quickly from the Lord. It’s not hard to find inspiration from the Lord when you’re talking about Singing your praise to God. What a
fun time of just sitting and worshiping and being able to finish a song that we hope will cause people, nations and hearts to SING.” —Kari

“I was sitting on our sofa in our living room, reading the Word and having an awesome time of communion with the Lord.  Music was the last thing on my mind, and then without even being consciously aware I just started singing the chorus in praise to God. There wasn’t much of a craft to it.  I originally sang the 2nd half as ‘singing to the God who holds the card on our salvation’ instead of ‘wrote the book on our salvation’ – funny huh?  That was the only line that changed later.  I remember being overwhelmed that every part of creation bows to him in honor – a powerful truth!” —Ed Cash, producer

“Revelation Song”
“I first heard Revelation Song in 2004 when we were about to record a new worship CD at Christ For The Nations. It was a demo on a cassette tape! As I listened through the song I felt the Lord’s presence all over it, even from a little tape! I knew it was something special. The night we recorded it LIVE was incredible. Most of the people didn’t even know it and they just worshiped anyway. It was extremely powerful. After singing it probably more than 1,000 times I’ve never gotten tired of it.

“It’s so interesting because the Lord anoints it in a special way each and every time. The way I recorded it on my new worship album is not any different. It was anointed in the studio that day, and the extra element that we added, makes me think of just one more

taste of different sounds we’ll hear in heaven. I believe it’s a song straight from the throne room of Heaven… all about our God.”—Kari


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